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Introducing Linda Russ Watercolors

Thank you for your interest in my artwork​​

  Just to give you a little background , I started working with watercolors in the early 1990's​ due to the inspiration I received from ​Hal Elder, until that time I had never painted.

   I so enjoyed the particular medium of water color: no odors or fumes, and they give a light and transparency to the paper, that I was
​​immediately​ hooked. Also, there is so many choices with watercolors: from realism, all the way to very abstract.​ After taking some watercolor classes, ​​I felt I had found my nitch in landscapes.

  During my daughters pregnancy three years ago, she asked me to paint flowers as she was expecting a girl. This opened up a new and very enjoyable venue, and I have painted several florals since.

   I hope you will find a painting (or paintings) that you will enjoy for years to come.​

   For more information, or to contact me for an appointment, my email address is:
   More paintings Coming Soon!!!!